Friday, June 29, 2012

The Beginning of Our Blog!!!

Verde: OK people of the world, we salute, wave, bow and whatever else type of welcome there is to you!

limp yakisoba: What she said.

Verde: Thanks for the enthusiasm, your a real team player...

limp yakisoba: I aim to please. To prove to you that we are not on mind-altering drugs, let us introduce ourselves, I am limp yakisoba and my *ahem* friend Verde

Verde: Yeah, that'll definitely make'em think we're not high, just look at our names. Though mine sounds alright. Don't worry! I'm clean!

limp yakisoba: ...of anything but drugs is what she means to say. Your name is a color--only high people name themselves after the rainbow! Haven't you ever seen Across the Universe ? 

Verde: I wasn't paying attention when they talked! I was too busy being mesmerized by all the pretty colors...and the creepy circus. I swear I didn't blink for the whole scene. *shivers* Anyway, I think my name is considered more sane than yours Ms. limp yakisoba! 
limp yakisoba: Are you reading what you're writing? "...mesmerized by all the pretty colors" --that's something  that only a person on dru
                                gs would say...
Verde: Are you looking at the way you're typing? You can't even keep to a straight line! Actually i think that has to do more with you being drunk than using a typewriter.

limp yakisoba: Welcome, readers,  to our anal resident weirdo and expert on all things bud related. I, on the other hand, will do my best to save you from the drug-induced skribuls!!

Verde: At least my weirdness will keep them interested.

limp yakisoba: If anyone is still reading this, Verde had met an "unfortunate" accident in which she *ahem* accident, of course.

Verde: ...I'm right here.

limp yakisoba: Anyway, welcome to skribul!!! This is a website dedicated to the many subjects that keep life interesting: drama, news, and culture. We attempt to recap, rate, and comment on what's happening in the world.

Verde: I guess we are looking for more international readers (who speak English since we're still learning different languages) We know that when you look for recaps of your favorite dramas, you see that Korean dramas are really popular. We hope to extend ourselves to other dramas like Taiwanese, Japanese, Chinese, and others that have yet to pop into my mind. I think we still may have the majority of Kdramas, but we are going to reach out to others. Along with that, we will try to keep you up to date with worldwide news (LY will probably know more than me since my home happens to be under a rock, but there are instances where I feel like getting sunshine, so i might have a word or two to say.)

limp yakisoba: She likes to argue. We also hope to make ourselves a little less ignorant and you a lot more informed. In our culture corner, we will aim to discuss anything from food to religious practice and personal preferences. Here, we would like to hear your thoughts on the topic of discussion.

Verde: Let's not forget our little forums, or threads (whatever you wanna call'em) that are completely dedicated to you to interact with everyone else who visits this site. Let's do well.

limp yakisoba and Verde signing off. Fighting!!!

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