Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mini-Rant: Buddha BBeeQ Restaurant

OK, so LY and I went back to Manhattan sometime this month on some weekend, and decided to go eat again at Buddha BBeeQ. I thought that I'd try something different from the last time we visited. I wanted to see how their Chicken Teriyaki was, since that is one of my most favorite dishes. So, unbeknownst to me at the events to come, we decided to order the food and go to pick it up.

An hour later, we arrive in front of the restaurant and pay. We decided to sit and eat at one of the benches we had walked by since my family would give me the death stare if they had known I brought food home. (They all like the family atmosphere of eating together, and I was too starved to wait until I got home.)

So we began to chow down and I quickly noticed that my food was ice cold. Now, I can be lenient seeing as how we didn't specify what time we'd pick up the food, and we didn't tell them to make it at a specific time so it would still be hot when we picked it up. That, I can let go. What I can't let go of, though, is my immense disdain for the teriyaki sauce. It didn't taste like teriyaki sauce, it tastes like some syrupy goop that was placed on top of my chicken! Even some of the chicken was burnt!

Now, some of you might be thinking, "Oh, you should have eaten it while it was still hot, then it wouldn't taste like that" or "That's what teriyaki sauce tastes like, it's supposed to be sweet." Yeah, I know that. I know what it tastes like cold and I know that it's supposed to taste sweet. I also know that it's not supposed to taste like syrup with extra sugar on  top.

In the end, all I'm saying is that (while I can't vouch for the rest of the menu) the Teriyaki sauce is something I won't try from that particular restaurant ever again. Sure, I'll go back and try something new, but I'll never try it with Teriyaki sauce. Sorry, when someone messes with my food, I tend to hold a grudge. If any of you stop by at Buddha BBeeQ, and try out their teriyaki sauce and find that it magically began to taste great and like REAL teriyaki sauce, let me know. Maybe it was just a spontaneous bit of bad luck that my food turned out like that. Unlikely, seeing that a restaurant's main source of income is quality and quantity of food, but let me take a positive (and unrealistic) approach. Yeah...that's what I'll do.

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