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Golden Time: Review

You guys remember my first episode recap that I did for Golden Time? Well, when I had posted that recap, the drama was already six episodes in and I knew I wouldn't be able to catch up by the time school started. So, I'd like to apologize to those of you that enjoyed the drama and would have liked to read recaps for it. To make it up to you, I'd like to write a review! This review is partly created for you and partly created for me because I've been feeling a little incomplete since Golden Time ended, and I thought just leaving after one recap was unjust.
Be forewarned, there may be spoilers below.

Golden Time Official Drama Posters Revealed

Name: Golden Time
Type: K-Drama
Genre: Medical, Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 23
This drama is set within the backdrop of an emergency room at a hospital. The one hour you have to save a person’s life after a traumatic injury is what emergency physicians call "golden time". Lee Min Woo learns this all too quickly as he starts work as an emergency physician at an urban hospital. Kang Jae In is a first-year resident who discovers that she is the heiress to a foundation that owns the hospital. Can they learn to become great doctors from Dr. Choi In Hyuk, a renowned trauma surgeon who puts his patients before everything else in his life? -KimchiDrama

Lee Min-woo is a free-spirited and goofy intern, who is jaded about his job and just wants it easy. He is then jolted out of apathy when a traumatic incident forces him to rethink why he wanted to be a doctor in the first place. Kang Jae-in is an heiress whose family owns the hospital and whose initial dream was to become a housewife with a part-time job, until she slowly discovers that her real passion lies in the realm of medicine. She becomes an upbeat intern who learns about the harsh realities and responsibilities that come with being a doctor. - Wikipedia

This drama is very episodic. There are always different types of patients coming in to the emergency room for different types of traumas. The surgeries taking place seem very realistic (most of them mainly concern traumatology), though there are a few times I have to question the actions of some of the characters. There are many medical terms thrown around that don't just seem to be dropped in just because the drama is said to be a medical show--they are used in the proper context in the right time and place. The drama highlights many realistic behind-the-scenes goings on about hospitals and doctors. It's not the type of show where everything always turns out fine and dandy at the end of the day without a price being paid. Our characters are always facing some sort of hardship, so when they do come out victorious you also feel a sense of pride and achievement. While the medical side of the drama is great, I can't say the same for the plot. There is little to no romance in the storyline for our two leads, which didn't bother me in the slightest since this is primarily a medical drama. I did expect there to be some romance between them, but I got used to the idea of them being good friends...for now. What I mean by that is that the producer was thinking of making it into a series, but there still hasn't been any confirmation yet. In other words, if it is made into a series, we might get some romance (like American serial medical shows); though it would probably only give us a pinch of romance per episode since it would focus on the medical cases. The storyline concerning our characters moves slowly. For a drama this is a no-no, but if this was a seasonal show that would be fine. At points, our characters face problems that make it seem like there is no hope of figuring their way out of them, and that would make it feel like there is no development for an episode or so. If you don't mind a slow pace, enjoy watching surgeries, and like to see the issues that hospitals, doctors, and the government face together and against one another, you'll enjoy this drama. I personally enjoyed it very much, why else would I bother with a review in the first place? Some people want to watch dramas to see how their OTP will get together, for those people, I say stay away! You won't find what you're looking for here. For those of you who enjoy medical dramas and watching surgeries and ICU health care, check this out. I think you'll enjoy it. Watch it with your expectations for the medical side, not the romantic side of the drama. I wish there was some real romancing instead of just implied feelings, but I guess I could take the glass half-full approach and say that they had very professional attitudes towards one another.

Watch it if you like medical shows; even if it is your first time with a medical K-drama, you'll enjoy it. Go in expecting to see surgeries and ICU health care and problems done and solved by the doctors and sometimes, if not most, the residents (Min Woo rocks!). The pace is slow for the overall plotline but it does have developments and is wrapped up nicely by the end of the drama. It's episodic so your always intrigued about the new patients while still being able to see development in old patients while they're in the ICU. Sometimes the cases are covered in two or more episodes. There are funny and heartwarming points in the drama, while there are some gut-wrenching points as well.

People who have already finished the drama, or are currently watching can leave their two cents in the comments section. I'd love to read what your opinions are on the drama. What you thought were the pros and cons, what could have been better, what did you enjoy about it, would you recommend it yourself? Feel free to comment on anything relevant to this post!

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