Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A new challenger approaches!

She boldly bursts forth onto the scene! Her long, black cape and short curly brown hair flows behind her. An ominous melody of snapping twigs and the crunching of tree's brown and red fallen breathern play beneath her feet with every step. In her hands she grips a blogger's two most powerful and treasured weapons, a keyboard and an ipod.

She knows that somewhere her enemy is hiding and, in that enemy's burly hands were the two people she cared about the most.

She begins to ease her peace as she comes to a clearing. She tilts her head to the side, struggling to hear any signs of the targets she set out on her mission to rescue. 

 Who is this mysterious person?

Many know this brave new hero as "that really dumb idiot."  But! To the few and the probably not so bright, she's know as DDM! Overly mothering, kind to a fault, blogger very average and bor- er, blogger extraordinaire!

DDM's heart clenches as the disgusting sound filled the air. It was almost a mechanical screech. As if, two hundred ipods playing mediocre k-pop were simultaneously being ground up in a blender.  

It's the sign she was waiting for! There was no mistaking it! That horrible, horrible screech was the call of her enemy, the emptyness of Skribul!

She rushes towards the direction of the sounds! Sure enough, there it is!

And just as she knew and feared, in it's clutches are LY and Verde!

She points her keyboard towards the empitness, her eyes flaring with anger and determination. "Monster! Your reign of boring terror ends now!"
Will  DDM defeat the vicious emptyness?! 

Will she be able to breath new life into this empty blog?! 

Are you even still reading this?!

Find out next time on INTO POST Z!


Wow, okay, that was really, really bad! But, I guess that sorta was the point! I wanted to introduce myself with a nice laugh rather than make some awkward and really stuffy sounding post.

So uhm, hi there! I'm DDM, the newest member of this blog!

My job here will be to entertain you all with my goofy writings (I promise I won't write anything as goofy as that!) and to offer advice! I'll always try to help expand on the whole culture aspect of this blog (although I have no idea how LY and Verde expect a girl that's been cooped up on an island all of her life to be able to say something about culture but she'll try~). 

So yeah! It's very nice to meet all of you and I promise I'll try my best to keep you all entertained and help you all!

With love,

I was kidding about the medicore k-pop! I love K-Pop and other foreign genres of music. I was just trying to tease my dear pal Verde! I hope no one took offense to that and I'm terribly sorry if you did!

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