Monday, October 8, 2012

Restaurant Review: Buddha BBeeQ

V: Alright, so LY and I decided to head to New York City and go try Asian cuisine from a not so well-known place. We warn you that writing a review was a bit of an afterthought for us, so bear with us!
LY: What she said.
V: Is that going to be your catchphrase?
LY: Yes.

V: Fine, whatever. Be that way. Anyway, Buddha BBeeQ is an Asian-fusion restaurant, but specializes in Korean cuisine.
LY: It's nested in Manhattan's Upper East Side and can easily be overlooked because it's so small (we like that).
V: Yeah, it's a quaint little place with a very homey vibe. It's run by a woman (who we forgot to catch the name of), and can seat around 14-20 people.
LY: The price wasn't bad either. Food prices ranged from $3.75-$14.00. For NYC, we couldn't ask for a better deal.
V: And it tastes good, too! Think of your mother's cooking, that's the feel you get while you eat. I couldn't decide what to get she kindly told me about a few dishes and asked for my personal food preferences.
LY: What she said. Plus, Buddha BBeeQ has this dish with marinated beef (the beef can be substituted for chicken, tofu, salmon, shrimp, or beef ribs with the bone in) with steamed rice and mixed green salad that is served with a delectable citrus-soy vinaigrette. The delicate amalgamation of flavors is positively ambrosial. The beef is tender and moist, while the rice is the appropriate amount of stickiness that sops up the mouth-watering juices left behind by the meat.
V: LY really enjoyed it. I had what the hostess recommended: BBeeQ Scallion Pancake Rice. It had a bed of brown rice mixed with vegetables and topped with chicken with Thai red curry sauce. I had a scallion pancake on the side. Be warned, this dish is not for the faint of heart, you have to really love and be able to handle spicy food. I don't want anyone to get hurt!
LY: Overall, this was a pretty successful place! The ambiance was intimate and soothing while the contemporary decor beautifully enhanced the traditional but addictive Asian foodstuffs.
V: Oh, we also had dessert! Why didn't you write about that?
LY: She's such a lazy ass. For dessert, we had a scoop of both black sesame and Thai chili chocolate ice cream. Now, previously to this *ahem* experience, we were both virgins to the ways of Asian ice cream.
V: I know I'm not the only lazy ass here. Yeah, we were both virgins to these new (to us) ice cream flavors. I'm a vanilla person, myself (along with cookies 'n cream and cookie dough ice cream). We couldn't decide on one flavor since we didn't have the courage to ask for them, so the hostess let us have a scoop each. The Thai chili chocolate was interesting. She told us it was her personal favorite. It tasted like regular chocolate with a hint of spice. Here's the thing, though (I should have mentioned this earlier). When you first take a bite, it's fine, but after you swallow, you notice a burning sensation from the Thai chili down your throat. I personally don't like chocolate ice cream, so I can't say much. But I know I won't be trying it anytime soon.
LY: What she said. The Thai chocolate ice cream definitely had a unique taste. The ice cream appeared to contain pure cocoa and dark chocolate, so its taste was already pronounced. Like V said, when you first eat the ice cream, it tastes like typical premium chocolate, but as soon as you swallow, you get the slow burning sensation from the heat of the chili. This ice cream is definitely for the more "adventurous" types. (Sorry guys, even we gotta draw the line at some point.) The chocolate ice cream was however offset by the mellow flavor of the Black Sesame. Honestly, it tasted like frozen sesame seeds to me.
V: I kinda liked it. You know when you but an ice cream cone and bite off the top with nuts, chocolate, and vanilla? That's what the Black sesame ice cream tasted like--to me, anyway. I preferred it much more than the chocolate, I know that much. Shall we talk about the service now?
LY: Well, since we were the only ones in the restaurant, the service was great. Our meals arrived quickly and our hostess was very attentive. (and nice too!)
V: I felt very comfortable, and was really surprised on how much longer it took us to decide on what to eat compared to how fast we got our food. I guess we're just indesicive. Well, I am.
LY: *glares menacingly*  No, really she is. Going to a restaurant with her is usually an all-day affair because she takes so long to make up her mind! Aside from that, Buddha BBeeQ takes the cake! (or Asian Ice cream-depending how you look at it) The quality, freshness, and succulent cuisine makes this place an unbeatable value.  Also, I recently found out that their meats contain no hormones and their salads are organic.
V: We are probably going to eat there again sometime in the future. Unfortunately, we don't live anywhere close so it means we will have to visit sparingly.Well, I guess that's that. Did we forget anything? No? Please visit and tell us how your experience was. What did you try from the menu? How was the food? Are you planning on going back? Please leave your comments in the comment section below! We are eager to read from you!

Buddha BBeeQ

Buddha BBeeQ At a Glance. It really is this small.
  • 1750 2nd AveNew York 10128
  • (Btwn 91st & 92nd St)

  • Phone: (212) 348-7041
  • google maps

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